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  • Anna

    Good morning! I am Anna. I from Moscow .
    I know a very intrestin informetion about Abgaryan famaly from Armenia. my grandmother is a descendant of the family Abgar. her name is Venus and she is the daughter of Tigran Abgaryan
    and they are of Bert (Shamshadni). in our family kept a book in which there is a family tree Abgaryan for 400 years. grandfather of my grandmother -Abgar was a merchant from India. He brought the goods on boats “Shipping company Abgar” silk, rice and much more. If you want to know what happened to the Abgar family after Armenia’s joining the USSR, I can write ..
    I also want to meet with our family from the United States.
    I’ll be glad your posts
    my phone number is 8-915-051-1010 (Russia)

  • Teny Aghamalian

    Dear Mimi,

    I have recently been going through my old family photos. My grandmother’s maiden name was Apcar and in my collection of photos which my grandmother passed onto me I have an original carte visit of Diana Apcar as a very young lady.

    If you would be interested in adding this to your collection I would be happy to scan and send it to you.

    According to my grandmother she is a member of our family as we are also associated with the Galstaun clan. In fact, our Armenian community school here in Sydney is named after Arshak & Sophie Galstaun – Galstaun College as they were the benefactors.

    I hope to hear from you.
    Kind regards
    Teny Aghamalian

  • Andrew Greene

    I’m Andrew Apcar Greene. I’m just now noticing that the translated Apcar tree was a project I did in high school, and my name shows as contributing additional names to the tree.

    I’m very moved to see it here. I would love to contribute where I can. Feel free to reach out anytime. I hope to hear from you.

    Very sincerely,
    Andrew Greene

  • Mark Kick

    I had never heard of Diana Apcar until today. Many years ago I found an old letter in a book at the flea market. It was written by Ruth Apcar about 6 weeks after the Great Kanto Earthquake to one of her friends in the US. It contains a first-hand account of what she and her family went through during and after the disaster. She mentions “Mamma” several times, and how well she dealt with what had happened. I came across the letter again in a box of papers that had been in storage, re-read it, and was interested to find out something about Ruth, if I could – which led me to her mother. What an amazing story! I transcribed the letter – I’ll send you the text if you wish.

  • shigematsu shinji(Ph.D)

    I am a historian of international migration of Asians, and had been doing research these 15 years on Armenian communities in Japan, South-east Asia and India. I have so far collected documents about A.M.Apcar and Diana Apcar in Yokohama and Kobe in Meiji period Japan. At present I am preparing for writing a book on the above topic. If you are expecting for informations of the Apcars, me.

  • Stavros T.Stavridis

    I am writing an article on the foreigners residing in Yokohama between 1900-24. The paper is based on 4 US Dept of State docs sent by US Consuls in Yokohama to Washington. I came across your website which contains a goldmine of information on this remarkable woman. I will be using some of the documentary material from your site that will be duly acknowledged. There are some photos for e.g Consul General for Armenia which I would like to include in my piece. May I kindly have permission to include 2-3 photos from the website? Sincerely, STS

    PS I am also covering the Greeks. Please check out my articles which will give you some indication of my research interests.

  • Sona Avakian

    What is the status of this film? I live in SF. Very interested to see it. Thanks.

  • DR Arathoon

    Drop me a line I have some information on one of these older Apcars. I can send a portrait of him as well.

  • Cheryl

    Is work being done to create lists of travelers from Yokohama to other Western U.S. cities? My grandfather Kevork Megerdigian traveled from Yokohama to Seattle. He was to send money back to Yokohama to pay the way for his brother and sister to follow. They are on the list of travelers to San Francisco – Ardashes and Satenig.

  • Admin

    Hi Cheryl,

    I’m so happy to hear from you. Yes, I have developed a list of travelers from Yokohama to Seattle (as well as San Francisco). I will look for your father’s name and send you his ship manifest if I find it.

    Thanks so much for contacting me.

    Best regards, Mimi Malayan

  • Admin

    Hi David,
    I’d love to hear more about your information. Which Apcars are you referring to?

    Best regards, Mimi Malayan

  • Admin

    Hi Sona,

    I’m so sorry that I did not respond to your email earlier. Do to technical problems with the website, I haven’t been receiving emails for 2 years. So I am finally seeing your message.

    I expect to finish the film by the end of January 2018. I would love to have a screening in San Francisco in the spring.

    Thank you for contacting me.

    Best regards,
    Mimi Malayan

  • Levi Nicholson

    Hi there, my name is Levi Nicholson, I am the art director of a magazine called the AGBU News Magazine put out by a large non profit Armenian organization called the AGBU. We are currently working on an article about Diana and I was wondering if I might be able to get some of the photos from your website in high resolution that we can use in the article.



  • juls nadeau

    Bonjour, I have a copy of a letter written to the Consul by an Armenian immigrant in the US. Also a copy of Armenia Betrayed. Let me dig in my papers to give u more details. I will let u know after I get a short/quick reply from you.

  • Aida Pisani

    Lionel Galstaun was a member of the St. James Armenian Church in Harrison New York. (The church has since relocated to White Plains, New York and the name has changed to St. Gregory). Lionel was a respected member of our community who had often spoken about his fascinating family history.

    Is your film available for purchase? We are interested to show the film to our parishioners – many of us have fond memories of Lionel.

    Thank you for bringing Diana Apcar’s immense accomplishments to light!

  • Lita Boudakian

    My Father and great Uncle were among those at the refugee center in Harbin who were given passage to the United States by Diana Apgar.
    Their name sewer Vahe and Yervant Hampar (hampartzoumian)

  • Lita Boudakian

    My Father and great Uncle were among those at the refugee center in Harbin who were given passage to the United States by Diana Apgar.
    Their names were Vahe and Yervant Hampar (Hampartzoumian)
    They were given passage tp Seattle.

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