Diana Agabeg Apcar was a prolific writer, whose works took many forms. We have divided her works into five categories: Articles, Book Covers, Books, Poems, and Quotes, to facilitate access to this web site. This collection is by far not complete, as we continue to search for her works.
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Book Covers


Books provides the original text in PDF format from the same six publications illustrated in Book Covers: Susan, Home Stories of the War, Betrayed Armenia, In His Name, The Peace Problem, and Peace and No Peace.

Apcar, Diana Agabeg. Betrayed Armenia.
Yokohama “Japan Gazette” Press, 1910. 52 pp.

Apcar, Diana Agabeg. The Truth About The Armenian Massacres.
Yokohama “Japan Gazette” Press, 1910. 56 pp.

Apcar, Diana Agabeg. In His Name.
Yokohama “Japan Gazette” Press, 1911. 52 pp.
Apcar, Diana Agabeg. Home Stories of the War.
Kobe The Kaneko Printing Works, 1905. 47 pp.
Apcar, Diana Agabeg. Susan.
Yokohama Kelly and Walsh, Limited, 1892. 109 pp.
Apcar, Diana Agabeg. Peace and No Peace.
Yokohama ”Japan Gazette” Press, 1912. 101 pp.
Apcar, Diana Agabeg. The Peace Problem.
Yokohama ”Japan Gazette” Press, 1912. 131 pp. (3).