The Publication section includes: Articles and Memoirs of Refugees. Articles have been written about Diana, at the time of her death and its anniversaries, and quite recently with a renewed interest in her accomplishments. Memoirs of Refugees includes writings from four genocide survivors who met Diana and wrote the stories of their escape from Turkey.
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Articles about Diana
Memoirs of Refugees


Articles about Diana includes many newspaper and other publications about Diana, past and present, as well several short biographies of Diana’s life.

Memoirs of Refugees includes the memoirs of four refugees of the Armenian Genocide who traveled across Siberia to Japan, where they were helped by Diana Apcar. Included in this section are: Memoir, the Story of my Life, by Krikor Z. Yeghoyan, 1952; Memoir, My Autobiography, by Kachadur Bogossian; Memoir, Days that must never be Forgotten; the life of a national activist, by Hovaness DerHovanessian, 1974; and Memoir, Anooshavan, the Intrepid Survivor, by Bob Der Mugrdechian, 1995.